FHA loan limits for Northwest Indiana

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$417,000 in Porter County for a single family home fha_update.gif
$417,000 in Lake County for a single family home
$417,000 in LaPorte County for a single family home

This is good news, in some parts of the country with declining home values these loan limits were reduced this week for 2009 FHA loans. This means even less people will be able to access FHA loans.

FHA is the most solid lending source right now. If you are looking to purchase or refinance you may very well need an FHA loan. FHA loans are guaranteed by the government but are not owned by the government, this is a popular misconception. The loans are pooled into bonds, the very bonds that were the hype of many financial sector stories this fall, and sold into the securities markets. You can get a loan, trust me, but we should talk soon so we can iron out any issues prior to you making an offer on a house.