Should I buy a house now?

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I got this comment question yesterday on another site and thought this was the perfect time to respond .... YES!

In Porter County, and all of Northwest Indiana, we are seeing the beginnings already of real estate values solidifying. In truth they really didn't go down a whole lot, maybe 1% as far as I can tell. There were less buyers in the market, but a lot of people just refinanced and waited out the buyers market.

If you have decent credit, this is the time to buy
If you have some credit problems, this is the time to work with an accredited lender, like First Financial Trust Mortgage, to get those credit blemishes cleaned up

Waiting is really going to accomplish nothing.

If you have a specific question email James Snyder at or call the office right next to Bass Pro Shops in Portage at 219-762-7200

Now is the time to buy, refinance, or build a new home for sure.