What will mortgage rates do?

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In the aftermath of the FDIC stepping in to take-over IndyMac Bank and Federal suggesting of helping prop up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to preserve liquidity in the markets ...

Here's what I've picked up this morning:

"Expect some rate uncertainty this week as the Financial sector is still reeling from Fannie and Freddie and the newest Major Mortgage player to go under-IndyMac Bank. The market is reacting positively in pre market trading to the news that the Fed and the Treasury Dept will lend to Fannie and Freddie who hold 1/2 of all US mortgages. This is not good for BONDS which are expected to continue to fall, maintaining Fridays weakness. The TNOTE yield begins the day trending back upward toward the 4.00% benchmark. I would expect rates to increase by at least .25% of a basis point today." From James Bowen

I don't totally agree though ... I think rates will actually slide just a bit this week as investors and markets take a sigh of relief in the government stepping in to calm nerves. No reason to float though, if you're buying or refinancing a home ... Lock now!

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