Another down payment assistance idea

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I kinda like this one, need to do some research:

Perhaps you've heard of Sir. Richard Branson's most recent venture, Virgin Money. It's a concept my grandfather employed in the 1960' and 1970's when he owner financed homes that he owned for employees. Virgin says:

"A Family Mortgage is a private loan from someone you know that is typically used toward the purchase of a home, or to refinance an existing bank mortgage. Imagine: Aunt Sarah as your mortgage lender!"

There's another Social Lending Company that might offer help for folks who are trying to scrape up the cash for a purchase, or need help getting on with life via a short sale. Zopa, says it's "FaceBook meets Lending." It's a new concept that would, for instance, allow me to help pay for my nephew's college tuition, $20.00 a month. If I sign up for $20 a month, and my folks agree to $20.00 and another aunt and uncle agree... well, pretty soon that student loan payment is almost nothing. These unsecured loans are for $25,000 or less, and you must have a 640 credit score.