Help - I need to know if I should buy now?

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Let's be honest, this was a real question submitted by a reader, but they knew my thoughts on the matter. YES, there has never been a better time to purchase a home in Northwest Indiana. Real estate values have completed a small correction over the last two years, and are actually leveled or even increasing in some areas.

Mortgage rates for FHA and conventional loans went all the way down to 4.5% in late May but have since bounced upward into the 5's. It's my opinion that the amount of money that is being borrowed by the federal government for this so called Stimulus plan, is going to push interest rates up to 8% by this time next year.

YES .. low prices and interest rates on the rise. This is the THE time to buy a home in Northwest Indiana.


Northwest Indiana Home Loan Guy Scott Swinford "sounds off" on the same thing today.