50 tweeps to follow in NW Indiana

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My July 4th #followFriday

It seems we all love a list, and twitter is like no other for making us want to rank and list. Here is my own list of Top 50 #nwindiana tweeps to follow. Obviously you can follow me too @daltonsbriefs

Go ahead and comment on who you think is missing, who should be included when I update the list next week. I did not purposely skip anyone, but I'm sure I missed some obvious important people from the region. Are you following them all? Have you gone to their blogs to subscribe so you can keep track of important posts? The order is random, but I did list number of followers.

Lastly, you'll note only one politician. Although a few have profiles they hold, none really use them to engage or retweet or even post links. Hopefully this will change next year.

  1. @kathysipple 1,703 followers, organizer of first #nwitweetup
  2. @davewoodson 2,103 followers, the one and only Mad Mortgage Machine
  3. @fftmortgage 72 followers #mortgage broker
  4. @safrin 495 followers #realestate
  5. @kissmyaster 1,734 followers blogger Kiss My Aster
  6. @bill_mitch 151 followers and a weather report for #valpo every morning
  7. @nwiblogs 246 followers, sponsor of first NW Indiana blogger meetup
  8. @nwi 1,605 followers, breaking news from NWI Times
  9. @posttrib 323 followers, breaking news from the Post Tribune
  10. @richschmidt 307 followers the Valpo Rev
  11. @evelynbaycoffee 536 followers and first #nwitweetup
  12. @aaronsimac 47 followers #insurance
  13. @passtimes 257 followers and everyone's favorite neighborhood pub
  14. @cendercompany 231 followers, municipal consultant
  15. @chucklehman 542 followers, landscape architect
  16. @mbstockdale 1,227 followers, Suncrest Christian Church
  17. @allynpaul 1,078 followers, landscaper and blogger
  18. @jonathonwthomas 788 followers tech/SEO fellow Blog Indiana 2008 attendee
  19. @natfinn 2,225 followers
  20. @chris_hedges 1,941 followers #attorney and original #nwindiana blog carnival
  21. @myCMPS 3,462 followers, #mortgage broker (James Barath)
  22. @iamfiction 127 followers
  23. @livemercial 1,438 followers, many of the staff have profiles as well
  24. @coachlee 2,135 followers
  25. @tudorrestores 131 followers
  26. @loan_guy 265 followers, #mortgage broker (Scott Swinford)
  27. @lakenetnwi 223 followers featuring Lakenet NW Indiana
  28. @cameronbanga 326 followers
  29. @silcottshoes 1,576 followers and uses tweets for biz quite well
  30. @finucane 315 followers
  31. @nwireconnect 462 followers and local ning site NW Indiana Reconnect
  32. @nwitweetup 203 followers this profile used to announce tweet ups
  33. @cartronix 560 followers wireless services
  34. @ValpoLife 543 followers, #valpo portal
  35. @Valpocity 200 followers ... but they arent following anyone ... a mistake
  36. @PorterGOP 179 followers, Joyce Webster County GOP Chair and Portage Trustee
  37. @prayeramedic 951 followers, active long form blogger
  38. @lybolt 528 followers, Joshua Lybolt head of NW Indiana SBDC
  39. @bargainjane 162 followers
  40. @bantafeedss 102 followers
  41. @indianadunes 486 followers
  42. @indiana_sbdc 484 followers
  43. @goldentech 26 followers, host of first #nwindiana blogger meetup
  44. @emc440 33 followers
  45. @ktracycom 130 followers, probably biggest blogger by traffic in region
  46. @mattsaliga 46 followers, Hammond focus
  47. @wendeburbridge 104 followers, Lakeshore Public TV
  48. @nwihomes4sale 28 followers, #realestate (Valerie Kubacki)
  49. @railcats 211 followers, official profile for Gary Railcats Baseball


briefs said on July 2, 2009 at 7:56 PM  

If you think I missed someone, please throw in comments or tweet me tomorrow